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19 March

Anticipation in Iceland

I arrived in the Skier’s Valley of Akureyri last night.  It was dark.  As I drove down the Troll Peninsula, I was assured that I was driving into the middle of nowhere.  As the city lights faded away we drove deeper into the valley.  The roads turned from pavement to snow and in the distance I could see I small beacon of light.  Eventually we came to Artic Heli Skiing’s base camp.  A beautiful old farm house that was homesteaded by JB’s Grandparents.  JB, owner of Artic Heli Skiing, grew up in this house.  He was one of the first on the remote island to start skiing.

“Iceland is a skier’s place.  It is not like skiing in Canada: short swing turns in a foot a powder.  The runs are steep and long.  We will ski 20 plus runs a day.  Each run is between 1200ft to 2000ft of vertical.  Most skier’s want powder, but Iceland is all about the corn skiing.  It is the best corn skiing in the world.  The sun stays at the same level in the sky all day long.  So it’s not like the Alps where you need to ski the corn at the perfect time of day or it turns to mush.  You can ski perfect corn all day long in Iceland.”

As I snuggled into my down comforter and closed my eyes for the night, I could here the storm brewing outside.  I think tomorrow we will be skiing powder.



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